Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Ashada. Guru (teacher or leader) is worshiped on this day. Generally speaking, a guru is someone who brings us out of the darkness by illuminating us with knowledge.This festival is celebrated with full faith and emotion all over the country.

Guru Purnima Muhurat
1st In the case of Guru Puja or Vyasa Puja, Purnima Titi must survive the first three Mufrats after sunrise.
2. If Purnima is less than 3 Mufratz after sunrise, the celebration will take place the day before.

Puja Vidhi
1. Wake up early on this day and do your daily routine such as bathing and puja. And be sure to wear nice clothes.
2. Then offer a wreath of fragrant flowers in the image of Vyasa Ji and visit your own Guru.
3. Have the guru sit on a chair or somewhere and place a wreath.
4. Then offer the Guru's clothes, fruits, flowers, garlands and dakshina in the form of money. and receive her blessing.

Guru Purnima Meaning
An ancient and outstanding personality. Author of great texts such as Brahma Sutra, Mahabharata, Shrimad Bhagvat and 18 Puranas. Maharshi Veda Vyasa was born according to the beliefs of Ashada Purnima.

Ved Vyas He was the son of Rishi Parashara. According to the Hindu shastras, the Vedas were aware of all the kars (ages - past, present and future). With his divine eyes, he saw that people would lose interest in religion in the future. Because of this, people believe less in God, avoid responsibility, and rejuvenate. Such a person cannot simply pass through the entire Vedas. Therefore, Maharshivyasa divided the Vedas into his four parts. This is to enable people with weak comprehension and memory to make use of this knowledge.