For most people, Christmas means going to the local mall to see the Christmas tree decorations. Christmas, with its twinkling lights enveloping the Christmas tree and hanging presents to greet, meet and visit, has always had a magical image in people's minds. But there are many lesser-known Christmas carols and stories about Christmas trees.

The Story of the Christmas Tree
The Christmas tree tradition began in Germany when people hung branches and leaves outside their homes to ward off evil spirits. The first Christmas tree was installed in 1419. From enjoying the winter holidays to finally welcoming peace and happiness, the week of Christmas is all about satisfying the taste buds and refreshing the soul.

Why is Christmas celebrated on his December 25th?
Christmas is the day Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The date of birth of the Lord Jesus is rather ambiguous. When the sun god Saturn was worshiped by the Romans, it was Pope Leo I (440-461), bishop of Rome, who integrated Christmas Day with the feast of Saturnalia. He thought that celebrating Jesus' birth on the same day would prevent the Romans from worshiping the sun god.He even described Jesus as "the new hope of light."

Where did the tradition of Christmas come from?
It is true that Westerners celebrate Christmas as a pagan festival. The Christmas tree is also considered a religious symbol of fertility. In the northernmost countries, Christmas traditions arose from celebrating Christmas during the long, cold nights. Therefore, the custom of celebrating festivals with abundant food and many candles was maintained throughout.
Decorating fir trees with candles is also considered a symbol of hope that spring will come with new harvests and plenty of food.

Where did Santa Claus come from? derived from Nicholas was a bishop in the small town of Myra (now Turkey) who helped poor girls find the perfect husbands. He secretly left a bag full of money on the doorstep of the poor. In time, people remembered his generosity by exchanging gifts at the feasts of St. Nicholas, celebrated on December 6 (Christian countries in the west) and December 19 (churches in the east).

Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive
Known as "the season of joy," December is the best time of the year for families. From Christmas to Halloween, there are mysterious events to look forward to. This time of year, you can add a touch of vintage and festive flair to your home or workspace. If you are someone who likes to transform their space, now is the time. Keeping your space tidy and clutter-free helps remove all the negativity. You can also illuminate the room with lights and candles and tickle your tummy with delicious food. From the exchange of gifts to the final interaction with friends and family, it is one of the most desirable festivals to watch.

For children, this festival means holidays, gifts and happiness. This time of year, parents work hard to take their children to luxurious destinations where they can spend quality time with their families. It's time for the kids to fill their bellies with chocolates, muffins and waffles. Their anticipation for the gift that will give them sleepless nights and the butterflies in their stomach is the wonder of finding the gift in the stash.