Bhai Dooj

The Bai Duj Festival is a festival that symbolizes the special bond between brothers and sisters. A waistband that stands out from the crowd in a unique and unique way. This particular compound is also known as Bhai Teeka, Yam dwitiya, Bhrat dwitya, etc. Bhai Dooj usually falls on the dark moon week of Kartik. This date is right after Diwali, two days after him to be exact. The brother repays the sister for all the troubles that he is doing for him by bringing him gifts and presents. In Baiduj, people worship and worship the god of death Yamuraj. According to traditional belief, the god of death Yamuraj was on hand to answer her sister's call when she visited her for lunch.

customs about Baiduj and Vidi
Baiduj is celebrated on her second day of the dark week of the month. Calculations can be performed using one of the following methods:

1. According to the scriptures, Bhai Dooj celebrates on that day when
 the second day of the two weeks of the dark month of Kartik falls on the fourth quarter of his day. If Dwitiya Tithi falls in the afternoon on both days, Bhai Dooj is celebrated the next day. Apart from that, if Dwitiya Tithi does not touch both afternoons, Bhai Dooj itself is celebrated the next day.