Narak Chaturdashi

Narak Chaturdashi is a festival celebrated on the 14th day of the waning month of Kartik. Also known as Narak Chowda, Loop Chowda, or Kali Chowda. According to ancient Indian mythology, people worship Yamraj, Lord of Death, with utmost devotion and worship. It is also called Choti Diwali because it is celebrated on the day before Diwali. On this day, after sunset, people light diyas in their homes. By worshiping Shinigami, people are freed from untimely death and pray for good health. Also, before dawn on this day, if you apply sesame oil all over your body and soak in hot water with plenty of Apa Marga leaves, it is said to be very auspicious. This will guide you on a fearless path and greatly assist you in your quest to enter Heaven.

Narakchaturdasi According to the Bible
According to Traditions and Beliefs Narakchatur Dashi is celebrated on the 14th day of Krishna Paksha's waning moon in the Kartik month.

1st place Kartik Krishna Paksha on the 14th day of the moon phase, just before moonrise or in the pre-sunrise hour (pre-sunrise hour, during 1 hour 36 minutes), we celebrate Narak Chaturdashi. Usually, the trend is to favor the pre-dawn hours.
2. If both Narak Chaturdasi dates are close to the time of moonrise and pre-dawn, celebrate Narak Chaturdasi on the first day itself.
e. Although the dates do not coincide with either moonrise or pre-dawn, we nevertheless celebrate Narak Chaturdashi on the first day itself. It is an ancient tradition to worship the god of death "Yamuraji".

Narak Chaturdashi Puja Vidhi
1st On this day, it is considered very favorable to bathe before sunrise. Sesame oil must be applied all over the body while bathing. After that, roll the Apa Marga leaf over your head three times.
2. Fill the vessel to the brim with Ahoy Ashtami during the month of Kartik in the dark moon week before Narak Chaturdashi. Then, on the day of Narak Chaturdasi, mix the water in the container with your bath water. It is believed that doing so will recharge the water and combat the fear of doom.
3. After bathing, put your hands together, face south, and pray fervently to Yamraj, the god of death. All your past sins are now forgiven
4. On this day, properly anointed diyas are lit in front of the main gate in honor of Lord Yamraj.
5. On the night of Narak Chaturdasi, all deities are worshiped before lighting the anointed Diya. Diyas are placed on both sides of the entrance or front door of your home or workplace. By doing so, it is firmly believed that you invite Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, to unwind and bring you abundant wealth.
6. Narak Chaturdashi, Rup Chaturdasi, Rup Chaudhas, has many names, but this is the main reason for praising Lord Krishna on this day.
7. On this day there is a specific time called Nisit Kar, during which it is advisable to expel all unnecessary things from the house. This tradition is also known as poverty eradication. It is firmly believed that the day after Narak Chaturdashi on Diwali, the Goddess of Wealth Lakshmi enters her home and enters with her an aura of prosperity and abundance. For this reason, clean your home from all impurities and dirt.