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The Rudra Mantra or Mahamrityunjaya Mantra (महामृत्युंजय मंत्र) is an incredible passing vanquishing Mantra. This mantra is addressed to Tryambaka, "The Three-looked at God", Lord Shiva, a type of Rudra. The mantra is referenced in the Rigveda and Yajurveda.

Mahamrityunjaya Puja in Ujjain

What are the various kinds of Mahamrityunjaya Puja?

Mahamrityunjaya mantra puja is partitioned into types relying on the times the mantra is recited, for example, -

In the principal type, the mantra is recounted multiple times. This is minimal count for the recitation and consequently requires less number of minister and days for finishing.

  • The second type is where the recitation of the mantra takes place 21000 times.
  • The third type constitutes of the recitation of the mantra happening 31000 times.
  • The fourth type is where the recitation of the mantra occurs 62000 times.
  • The last and fifth type is where the mantra is recited 125000 times. It is the biggest puja of all.

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Benefits and Miracles of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra –

Here is a lost of advantages one can accomplish by playing out the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra:


Maha Mrityunjaya puja is helpful to beat constant and dangerous illnesses and to massively work on the wellbeing of the person.

This puja likewise brings about the making of a defensive safeguard for the entertainer's loved ones.

It additionally builds the life expectancy of the fan who performs it.

The exceptionally strong puja assists with beating every one of the issues and issues in one's day to day existence by killing every one of the underhanded impacts from life.

This puja can likewise help with making proficient progress and have an aggressive existence.

Reciting of this mantra during puja will likewise unblock the energy focuses in the body giving harmony.

Besides, this is additionally helpful in conquering the evil impacts of the planets in the birth horoscope.

Here's the reason the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is recited multiple times:

The puja for the most part happens to keep away from an unfavorable passing anticipated by the Jyotish soon.

Likewise, in the event of an individual confronting healthissues, this puja is improved the state of the patient.

Playing out this puja additionally corrects doshas like Nadi Dosha and Bhakut dosha happening during Guna Milaan or marriage.

Who ought to recite Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra?

This puja should be performed exclusively by a gathering of 6 or 7 experienced ministers who ought to do the chantings in the interest of the lover.

Disappointment in doing so can bring about more regrettable consequences for the aficionado as opposed to great.

How often one ought to recite Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra?


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