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Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja in ujjain by our pundit ji we tell you about Pitra Dosh refers to the set of misfortunes resulting in people’s lives due to the curse given by the departed ancestors. An individual must understand that in order to get anything auspicious in their life he/she needs the blessings of their ancestors from many generations who, after leaving their bodies, remain deeply involved with our karmic structure in a very subtle but powerful way.

Pitra Dosh has an important place in Indian Culture. Those who have Pitru Dosh in their Kundali/horoscope might experience one or more of the following problems in their family life.

We owe an ancestral debt to them for which, one must perform the sacred ritual of Shraddha every year for the peace and contentment of our ancestors. For those who cannot perform the Shradh on the death anniversaries of the departed, there is a common schedule given by the Shastras. It is believed that for all the departed souls residing in the Pitru Loka (ancestral world), the god of death awards a holiday period for about fifteen days during the Ashvin Krishna paksha.

What is Pitra Dosh?

The life of some individuals due to some highly negative karmic structure from their past lives get affected by an ancestral curse. This ancestral curse is revealed after analyzing the individual’s horoscope and is called- “Pitra Dosh”. Pitra Dosh makes people experience hurdles or obstacles in almost all major endeavors of their lives, despite putting in genuine & enormous efforts. Because no matter how hard & diligently we try, unless we get rid of this ancestral curse, problems will not leave us.

So, what one should do to remove Pitra Dosh from his/her life?

With Pitra Dosha Puja at Indian Astrology, one can pray for the well being and Aatma Shanti (आत्म शांति ) of his/her ancestors and seek their love to live a happy & prosperous life. Pitra Dosh Puja results in the blessings of your ancestors, thereby removing all hurdles from life and provides peace and contentment to the ancestors of a native which in turn, paves the way of a smooth & prosperous life ahead for the native.

Benefits of performing Pitra Dosh Puja :

  • Pitra Dosh Puja results in the removal of obstacles from life and brings in peace.
  • Pitra Dosh Puja brings prosperity in life and also maintains harmonious relations in the family.
  • It removes all financial and monetary problems from an individual’s life and blesses them with an abundance of success.
  • This puja attracts energies that promote an abundance of positivity in life.
  • It protects a business from regulatory hurdles from the administration and unwanted & unjust competition in the market.
  • Pitra Dosh Puja cures ailments that have been affecting the native for a long time and ensures sound health in the times to come.
  • It also favors gainful ventures in the area of real estate or property.

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Therefore, we urge you to Book Pitra Dosh Puja to provide peace & contentment to your ancestors and get their auspicious blessings which are a must for living a prosperous, successful and blissful life.


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